Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Departure Date

So, jumping right into it, we found out today that Bryan will be reporting to Basic on May 1st. That is, unless someone drops out in a group earlier- in which case he'll be leaving sooner. As exciting and refreshing as it is to have a tangible date, it is a little difficult accepting what that means Bryan will be missing.

1. Our first anniversary
2. The entire summer
3. Our favorite holiday, 4th of July
4. My 21st birthday

Of course, the most upsetting is the first. I know I have to buck up and be a big girl, but it's pretty hard to wrap my head around for the time being.

For those wanting the timeline-- Basic is 3 months long (no contact except for the occasional letter) and then he gets about 10 days off, and then reports back for MCT (Marine Combat Training) for another month.

This is a pretty depressing post, but it's a peculiar feeling preparing to see your husband off for 1/3 of the year. In the meantime, prayers and thoughts for my sweetheart are always appreciated!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Waiting Game

The delay in a new post was due to the fact that we've been in, as the title indicates, the awkward waiting phase with the Marines. A few weeks ago we received the awesome news that Bryan was given the job he was holding out for-- an LAV mechanic! I figured that receiving the job meant we'd immediately be given the date he'd be heading out for Basic, but alas, no dice.

For those who don't know what being an LAV mechanic entails, he'll be working on these bad boys:
So, his street cred will most definitely be upped.. as soon as he can finally go out to training and get this ball rollin!

Military stress aside, next update - we moved into our new place in Provo the beginning of January. We were ecstatic about the find because it's a 2 bedroom single family house for rent with NO contract-- the only catch was that the landlord would have to kick us out when her son got married, since she wants to be able to give him the home as a wedding gift. We weren't worried, though, since when we moved in the aforementioned son wasn't even SPEAKING to anyone. Well, classic Provo.. since January, our landlord's son has met, dated, and become engaged to his girl. Haven't been given a wedding date yet, but praying it doesn't happen to fall on the time Bryan will be in CA. Keep your fingers crossed!

Alright-- whining over. I've been working a ton, so been starting new things to make my off time better spent. Pilates has now been implemented into my nightly schedule, and have been having at least 1 craft going on at all times. My most recent isn't done yet, but here's what I've got so far:
The canvas edges have been painted since this picture was taken.. but next going to fill the white with Georgia-y things! Looking forward to having a piece of home on our wall!

That's all I've got for now.. hopefully the next post that I make will be announcing Bryan's departure date!

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Blog, New Life

Hello, cyber world.
First and foremost, blogging is confusing and kind of makes me want to cry. Even as I'm writing this, I'm fighting every urge to cease and desist. However, there aren't any new Gossip Girl episodes to watch, leaving me with no excuse to not finish what I started. So.. here we go!

For those who didn't know, my sweetheart swore into the military a few weeks ago. In a few more weeks, he'll be officially sworn into the Marine Corps. I intended on holding off on all blogging until Bryan was shipped off to Basic, but I've been changing/adjusting so much already that I wanted to start immediately so I wouldn't forget any part of the process.

I've always respected and been proud of Bryan, but joining the military has already changed every aspect of our relationship. We have a lot of "what if" conversations, making me appreciate our marriage and friendship more every day. Also, I've been trying to hold off on announcing to people he's joining the Marines, because most of the feedback I receive are pouty faces and apologies. WE'RE EXCITED, PEOPLE!

One thing I'm definitely going to have to adjust to is loneliness. Yesterday I was driving home from a bad day at work and realized that in the not-too-distant future, I'm going to have bad days with no one to come home to. June's a sweet pup, but she's a 1 in the sympathy department. BUT- I received some wise advice from my fellow Marine wife friend Lexi Hughes, who suggested I never dwell on the future, and solely focus on/enjoy every day I have to spend with my babe.

So that's what I'm going to do! Love more, pick battles less. I'm going to have a lot of nights sleeping alone, but that's what I get for marrying a brave, honorable, and selfless man!