Monday, April 30, 2012

One Week Down

Well, it's been one week. And probably the longest week of my life. Everyone keeps telling me the longest parts of boot camp (for the wives) are the first and last weeks. One can only hope I have 11 weeks before I'm lonely again!

Backtracking a little bit, Bryan and I had an incredible last minute trip to Zion, Grand Canyon, and Phoenix right before he left-- the perfect way to end one phase of our life before opening up the next pivotal chapter. The swearing-into-the-USMC ceremony was over quickly, but was as powerful as I expected. Bryan's right hand was raised the highest (both out of pride and sheer height) and has never looked so focused and excited since I saw him across the alter.

Catching up to speed, living alone is really bizarre. I didn't realize until I came home last Monday that I'd never experienced it before-- always with family, roommates, or Bryan. Now it's just me, June, and the .45 that sleeps on the pillow next to me! I've been occupying my time with a lot of Pilates and Desperate Housewives, which I really loved for the first 2 days.. until it dawned on me that I missed Bryan walking in and changing my show to ESPN. It's an amazing and stupid thing to marry your best friend because when they have to go away, you lose both.

I think about Bry all of the time, constantly wondering what kind of hell he's receiving at that exact moment. I know he's having the time of his life.. that man is ALL boy and loves all that is dirty, loud, and demanding. And I can't wait until I FINALLY have a mailing address for him so I can start writing him and hearing about what's going on over there. That's another weird aspect about his absence-- I don't get to tell him about my day or new things going on as soon as they happen! I found out this week my parents are moving, and I can't even tell my husband! It's weird.

A new feeling I got today was the realization that I would rather him be here and in the world's biggest fight with me than away. Anger's an easier emotion than loneliness, I think. But, in the meantime, I'm just taking it one day at a time! I'm excited to see him for a million reasons- but mostly because I can already tell how much stronger our marriage and friendship is going to be at the end of this. And, the end of this will have us moving to Pensacola for Bryan's job training. How can everything NOT be better on the beach??

81 days to go!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bracing for Impact

So... a LOT has changed really quickly since my last entry. The initial plan was for Bryan to be a Reservist until he graduated from school, but the more we looked into it and the more people we spoke with, the more we started leaning towards ACTIVE duty! So, of course, that pretty much changes everything. The Marines will now be his full-time job, we'll get full benefits, and be stationed!

Also, along with going active, he's gone from an LAV mechanic to an aviation mechanic! Since he's doing aviation mechanics, we'd be stationed at an air base-- and I may be leaving some off of the list, but from what I've heard.. the places we'd be potentially living are:
California, North/South Carolina, Hawaii, or Tokyo!!

The idea of not only getting out of Utah, but being able to embark on such a different lifestyle seriously makes me so, SO excited!

Anyway.. Last time I wrote I was shaken up by the idea of Bryan leaving for Basic on May 1st, and since changing to active duty, he now heads out April 23rd.. which, yes, is in 11 days.

I feel like I've been a whirlwind of emotion, but keep making myself post blogs because I imagine all of this will seem funny to read one day.. since I really have no idea what I'm getting myself into.

Tonight Bryan was put up in a hotel in SLC because tomorrow morning he officially gets honorably discharged from the Reserves, and immediately sworn in active duty.

I'm sure posts will become more and more frequent in the next few weeks, since I'll be flying solo for a while. Special shout-outs to: my Mama, my Mama-by-Marriage, Jamie Moore, and Lexi Hughes (all military wives/daughters) for the ceaseless advice and support! Be sure to keep your phones nearby, as this calm, worry-less girl will undoubtedly need some reassuring words in these coming months! :)

I won our annual egg fight this Easter--  USMC is already being good to me!