Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today makes it exactly a MONTH since Bryan left! That means we're about 1/3 in. I've been trying to think of it less like being alone for another 2 months, and more that I only have 57 days to get in bomb dig shape for my man!

Another thing that will definitely help time go by faster is going home to GEORGIA!! I'll be there from June 1st-9th. Our first anniversary is June 3rd and I've been dreading spending the day alone in an empty house.. but now I not only get to be back in our favorite state(and state we were married) but I get to spend our big day with my family! I get to see the neighborhood people, go to Lexi's baby shower, and stay in my childhood home one last time before my parents move. I can't wait!

In the meantime, my new Monday addition for this week was by far the most extreme- the Insanity workout! It's been kicking my butt, but it hurts so good. I took a before picture-- and as soon as I have an impressive "after" shot, I'll be putting them up side by side. June's been pretty annoying while I'm working out- I don't know if she thinks I'm dancing or what, but she starts licking my toes and jumping up on me with every globe jump. Ugh. Just saying globe jump makes my calves ache.

Today was the most boring/healthy grocery shopping excursion of my life- egg whites, cottage cheese, whole wheat english muffins/tortillas, recovery shakes, glutamine/magnesium pills, skinny cow ice cream, soy milk... It's worth it, though! Excited to be on California beaches with husband looking/feeling good!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shifting My Mindset

Yesterday was the 3-week mark since I saw Bryan last! Which sounds great until I remind myself that this is a 13-WEEK gig. I feel like I'm always crying/whining about the negatives, though, so hopefully this post will be a little different.

There aren't many perks of being separated from B, but there are a FEW :
1. I eat healthy. Bryan's the cook in the relationship (and an incredible one) but that boy loves his Southern comfort food, and my waistline has paid the price. With him away, and me only knowing how to cook easy, healthy things.. Well, as of this morning I've lost 8 lbs since I saw Bryan.
2. I get my sleep. Whenever I say this people wink and laugh, but really.. it's nice feeling well rested!
3. And last, but definitely the greatest perk is that I appreciate him so much more. I would have rather learned to love more deeply with him still here, but this has done the trick. Among several things that have improved, I'm a better listener now. I suppose it's mostly because it's difficult to interrupt someone while reading their letters, but I cling to every word I receive from Bry and put letters into the mailbox every chance I get so I can remind him, again, how much I love him.

Since I mentioned in the last post that I've been adding another "healthy lifestyle addition" to my schedule every Monday, I'm now to: 1) No soda 2) Running every day and 3) Trying out new (healthy) recipes at least 2X a week.

I figure- I have to sleep alone for another 10 weeks anyway.. I might as well use my time getting into good shape, since Lord knows Bryan will be back with his fried chicken, grits, and coke in no time!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Are We There Yet?

Monday was the 2 week mark.. and time is still crawling! I'm feeling less sad and more anxious now, though. It drives me crazy having things I want to run home and tell Bry about but not being able to. The weird conversation I had at work, how stoked I am about my new military ID, the annoying drivers I passed on the highway.. I miss sharing my days with my Bubs!

Fortunately, I have his mailing address now so I'm just writing constantly. I've mailed out 3 letters so far, finishing up my 4th. I've received 2 full letters from him now.. and Lexi Hughes is right, mail days are the BEST days! I park in the driveway as fast as I can every afternoon and run to the mailbox-- the days there have been letters waiting for me went by so fast because I could feel him with me when I read them. I read them over and over again and manage to cry every time- not only because I miss him, but it's amazing how much stronger and focused he's already become.

In the meantime, I'm getting more creative in distracting myself. I've decided every Monday I'm going to add one more thing to my healthier/skinnier lifestyle. The 1wk mark I decided to cut out soda. This Monday I added on running every morning before work. Hopefully by the time I see him, I'll be looking/feeling awesome. I can't let Bryan look TOO much better than me when July comes around!

Still, there's no number of goals I could set to make me forget how much I miss my buddy. I wonder about what he's doing/feeling/thinking all day every day. Wish I could fast forward to the best kiss of my life!