Sunday, July 15, 2012

California Bound

Well.. Boot camp is just about over! It's been 83 days since I saw Bryan and I can't think of a vivid enough adjective to describe how ecstatic I am to see him in 4 DAYS!!

Anyway, I have a ton of packing to do so let's just get to it.

I started eating healthy/getting back into shape at the start of week 2, and have lost 14 pounds but more importantly am feeling awesome. I didn't do any strict diet, I didn't stick with any specific workout, I've just been taking care of myself and getting healthier every day!

Here's a side-by-side of me the day that Bryan left for boot camp (yes, I purposely chose the least flattering shot) next to post-workout a few days ago.

Not too shabby, eh? And no fancy editing here, my Finishing Touch Smile pen has made my teeth nice and pearly! Far more exciting than my before and afters, though, are Bryan's!

Isn't he so incredibly handsome?? Well, my 14 is chump change next to the 30 pounds Bryan has lost, but I'll take what I can get! Regardless, I'm bikini-ready for my man and SO ready to have 10 full days of husband time.

It's weird always being told "You're so strong for being able to handle all of this!" because, well, it's not like I've been dreaming of growing up to be the wife that spends months alone.  I'm strong because that's the only option I have. Of course I've been lonely, I'm just as human as everyone else. But I suck it up and am willing to continue sucking it up because it's a challenge I accepted and have to make the best out of it. And, well, if you had a Marine that good looking you would cope with the time apart, too!

Thanks, all, for the constant outpouring of support- it was a long 3 months but would have been far longer without y'all! I'm now going to finish packing up my bags because I'll be beaching it with my soldier in just a handful of days :)

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  1. That was look fabulous...and even your face got!!!