Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Everything

It's hard to know where or when to start when pretty much EVERY single thing in my life has changed since I last blogged.

First off, my last entry made it sound like I was going to be able to live in Florida and even potentially with Bryan- neither happened. We took turns visiting as often as we could, but the ideal accommodations couldn't be made, so I lived in Georgia while Bryan completed his A school in Pensacola, and then C school in Jacksonville. (Each about 6 hours away from me).

November 18th I visited my good friend Lexi and her new doll baby Ryder, and she was telling me the few small indicators she noticed that led her to think she was pregnant. My smile quickly shifted to an expression of panic upon hearing how similar her indicators were to the ones I'd been experiencing for the last few days. Having to leave to go to a family dinner for Brittany's birthday, I swung by CVS on the way down. By the time I arrived at the party I was laughing at myself for being so worked up, knowing I wasn't actually pregnant, but decided to take the test to ease my mind. 
It's funny how one little word immediately changes you and your life forever. Once I got my hands to stop shaking, I called Bryan (in Jacksonville) and had to repeat myself about 3 times before he understood what I was saying, through all my blubbering and what not. I love Bryan for lots of reasons, but one is how perfect his reactions always are. He immediately burst into laughter and kept saying over and over how excited he was and how happy this would make us. He's gonna be a sweet daddy.

So, that's how I learned I was going to be a mom. The biggest news I figured I'd ever receive.. until 10 days later it was Bryan making the call to me- He had just received orders to Okinawa, Japan for a 36-month tour.

After months of paperwork, stress, and goodbyes, we're in Japan! There are many husbands here who were unable to bring their wives with them for various reasons, so I feel blessed that I'm able to be here. And, honestly, after 10 months of living away from each other, we couldn't care less where we are stationed.. just excited that we're together again! 

A few days shy of 5 months pregnant, we know that it will be a little girl that we're bringing into the world, and the clothes are accumulating quickly. We are using ugly government furniture for the next month or so until our shipment arrives, but even IT can't take away from the adorable outfits stacking up on the shelves.

We've been here for about 3 weeks now, and it's been really fun exploring and eating our way through the island. The weather is incredible (I think the coldest we've experience thus far is low 60s) and nothing beats leaving the grocery store and having a perfect view of ocean and palm trees.

So far it's been a pregnant girl's heaven- carbs in every meal and some of the most fresh, juicy fruit I've ever encountered. Bryan's been loving the sushi.. and his baby mama can't wait until she can join him!

Despite the awkward 14-hour time difference from home, missing our little Junebug, and being 7,048 miles from our nearest family.. we love being on this island. Now that internet is set up, we're starting to feel more civilized, and can't wait until our shipment of things arrives so we can really make this place our own!