Sunday, June 9, 2013

Forever to Go

Bryan and I were married in Atlanta on June 3, 2011. June 3, 2012 he was off at boot camp, and I was back in Georgia celebrating with our families. But June 3, 2013 we were able to celebrate TOGETHER! It was awesome. Would I have guessed that our first anniversary together would be spent with a big ol' baby belly? No. It was a sweet reminder, though, of the life and sweetness that our love has created.

Anyway- Bryan surprised me with a stay at the Marriott Resort & Spa in Nago (about an hour and a half north of us) and had already taken care of the reservation and requesting leave from his shop, so all I needed to do was pack my bags. Upon checking in, we got bumped up to the executive suite, and spent the entirety of our time there feeling like celebs. The seven indoor/outdoor pools, hot tubs, buffets, and all else made for an incredible stay, and I sported my bikini, flaunting my 8-month prego belly proudly!

And how could I forget?? In addition to the romantic getaway, Bry surprised me with a 60D Canon.. a camera that I feel WAY under qualified to be handling, but I'm ecstatic that I now have an incredible camera to document our little one's big day, and every day afterwards!

Now we're just waiting for our baby girl to get here! As of today we're 42 days away from the due date.. which still sounds insanely far away, but trying to stay patient since we know there's some crucial cooking goin on in there. As much as we've loved our time being alone and just having each other, we're excited to share our love with our little sweetheart. Can't wait to meet you, Baby T!